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                                POINSETTIA SALAD

[from Every Woman's Cook Book by Mrs. Chas. F. Moritz  (1926)]

   Secure perfect, uniform size, sound, ripe tomatoes; wash and
dry thoroughly, chill, then cut just through the skin of each tomato, length-
wise in six or seven petals, cutting almost but not quite to the bottom
of stem end.  Cut tomatoes in sections same size as petals, being care-
ful not to cut entirely through the bottom.
   Place on lettuce hearts or leaves on individual salad plates.  Curve
or bend the loosened petals back to form a flower.
   Mash cream cheese smooth with a bit of cream, add a bit of paprika.
Form cheese into balls, place one ball in center of each tomato.  Put
a spoonful of mayonnaise or cooked salad dressing on top of cheese,
or on side of plate, as preferred.  Serve ice cold.

[note: Do NOT use actual poinsettias in the salad, of course, as they are very poisonous.]

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