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[From: Every Woman's Cook Book by Mrs. Chas. F. Moritz (1926) p. 617]

                   PARTY PUNCH (about 75 glasses)

12 qts. ginger ale                            4 doz. lemons (juice)
 2 qts. strong black tea                    2 lb. can sliced pineapple
 1 qt. bottle maraschino cherries      3 lbs. sugar
 2 doz. oranges

   Dissolve sugar in tea.  Add lemon juice, and juice from cherries,
pineapple, and half the oranges.  Cut balance oranges and pineapple
in small pieces, add with all juice to tea.  Add cherries.  Place in
refrigerator until serving time, then add chilled ginger ale.  Serve
ice cold.  Spike if you can obtain the "spike."

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