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[From Every Woman's Cook Book, by Mrs. Chas. F. Moritz (1926)  p. 457-458]

                  PROHIBITION TEA CAKES

  1 cup butter
  1 cup sugar
 ½ cup home made wine
  4 cups sifted flour (about)

   Cream butter soft, add sugar, continue creaming until well mixed.
Beat in wine, add salt, cinnamon and vanilla.  Sift in flour gradually
while beating, add baking powder to second cup flour.
   Mix well, roll out one-quarter inch thick on floured biscuit board.
Cut with fancy cake cutters.  Put in greased pans dusted with flour.
Sprinkle granulated sugar over tops.  Bake in moderate oven.  Makes
about forty cakes.

[Note: Home made wine or beer was legal as long as it contained no more than one-half per cent alcohol.]

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