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[From Cooking for Profit: Catering and Food Service Management, by Alice Bradley (1925) p.96-97]

                                Fudge Squares

2 squares chocolate, over hot water, add
½ cup butter, stir until butter melts and set aside.
3 eggs, adding gradually
1 cup sugar.  Sift together
¾ cup bread flour with
½ teaspoon baking powder and
½ teaspoon salt.  Add to eggs with
1 cup chopped walnuts and
1 teaspoon vanilla, then add chocolate mixture.  Spread in shallow
     10x15 pans, bake 15 to 20 minutes in a moderate oven or at 350
     degrees F., and cut in squares while warm.  This recipe should
     make 4 dozen fudge squares.

[notes: Use small or medium eggs.
 When I tried this, it just barely filled an 8"x12" pan, making about 20 one-half-inch-thick brownies.]

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