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[From Every Woman's Cook Book, by Mrs. Chas. F. Moritz (1926) p. 170-171]

                 FRENCH  FRIED  POTATOES

   Wash and peel potatoes; cut in pieces lengthwise, about one and
one-half inches thick.  Soak in cold water thirty minutes.  Drain and
dry between towels.  Fry in deep hot fat.  Fat must not be too hot,
as potatoes must cook as well as brown.  Drain and serve.
   Do not cook too many pieces at one time or potato will not be


   Wash, peel, then cut white or sweet potatoes in eighths, lengthwise.
Cover with boiling water.  Put in saucepan, let come to just one good
boil. Remove and drain thoroughly.  Dry on clean towel.  Drop in
deep hot fat to brown quickly.  Drain from fat, sprinkle with salt.
Serve at once.


   Wash, pare, and cut potatoes in one-quarter inch long slices.  Cut
these slices in long straws.  Dry on towels.  Fry golden brown quickly
in deep hot fat.  Drain on brown paper.  Sprinkle with salt.  Serve
at once.


   Wash and peel required number of potatoes.  Select them of uni-
form size if possible.  Slice in round slices as thin as a wafer.  Slaw
or potato cutter is best to use for this purpose.  Soak in cold water
twenty minutes, drain in sieve, then dry on towel.  drop, one by one,
in boiling hot fat, fry until golden brown color; turn over occasionally
with a skimmer.  When brown, lift from fat with skimmer, put in a
wire basket or on brown paper to drain.  Sprinkle with fine salt and
serve hot.

                 FRENCH  POTATO CHIPS

   Scrub, peel, then slice potatoes in thin round slices a little
thicker than for Saratoga chips.  Let stand in cold water thirty
minutes.  Drain, then plunge into boiling water just long enough to
dip in and out.  Drain and dry perfectly on towels.  Drop piece by
piece in a skillet of boiling hot fat.  Shake skillet so that chips will
puff.  Remove with skimmer as soon as brown.  Drain on brown
paper.  Sprinkle with salt.  Do not cook too many slices at one time.

[note: When the instructions say to dry on a "towel," a cloth tea towel is probably meant, rather than a paper towel.]

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