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[From Good Housekeeping's Book of Menus, Recipes, and Household Discoveries
  (1922)  p. 200-201]

                    PRUNE SALAD

1/2 pound large prunes       Mayonnaise
Walnut-meats                    Lettuce

Soak the prunes in cold water to cover overnight.  Cook
until tender, cool and carefully remove the stones without
marring the shape of the prunes.  Fill the cavities with
quarters of walnut-meats.  Lay either three or four stuffed
prunes on each bed of shredded lettuce or white lettuce
leaves.  Top with mayonnaise and serve very cold with
browned crackers and cream cheese.  This salad may be varied
by filling the prunes with balls of cream or neufchatel cheese
instead of the nuts.

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