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[From Good Housekeeping's Book of Menus, Recipes, and Household Discoveries
  (1922)  p. 195-196]

                      GINGER ALE SALAD

3/4 cupful diced, canned pine-        1 cupful ginger ale
apple                                            2 tablespoofuls granulated gel-
3/4 cupful chopped grapefruit          atin
pulp                                              1/2 cupful warm water
1/3 cupful blanched shredded al-    Few grains salt
monds                                          Few grains paprika
1/4 cupful seeded malaga grapes    Mayonnaise
Soak the gelatin in the warm water for five minutes, then
dissolve it over hot water.  Add one-fourth cupful of the
ginger ale.  Combine the diced pineapple, grapefruit pulp,
malaga grapes, shredded almonds, salt and pepper and then
add the remaining three-fourths cupful of ginger ale.  Add
the gelatin mixture, stir thoroughly and pour into individual
molds which have been dipped in and out of cold water.
Chill thoroughly, unmold and serve on lettuce leaves, gar-
nished with mayonnaise

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