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[From Good Housekeeping's Book of Menus, Recipes, and Household Discoveries
  (1922)  p. 195]


3 cupfuls cream, whipped         1 cupful mayonnaise
2 1/2 cupfuls mixed fruits, as     1 teaspoonful powdered sugar
maraschino cherries, candied    1 teaspoonful granulated gelatin
pineapples, oranges, sliced        2 tablespoonfuls cold water
peaches, stoned cherries, etc.    Lettuce hearts

Cover the gelatin with the cold water and then set it over
steam to melt.  Beat into the mayonnaise.  Combine this
mixture with the whipped cream and powdered sugar, stir
in the fruit, and pour into a mold which has been rinsed
with cold water.  Seal carefully, and bury in equal parts
of ice and salt for four hours.  Serve garnished with lettuce
hearts and parsley.

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