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If You liked the Book, You'll Love the Movie:
Silent Film Adaptations of Popular Books

(Links are to reviews or Gutenberg Project e-texts.  If a Gutenberg link doesn't work, try doing a search from the Gutenberg Project home page at .) 

MOVIE Star(s) or Director Date BOOK Author Date
Ben-Hur Ramon Novarro 1927 Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ Lew Wallace 1880
Beyond the Rocks Rudolph Valentino, 
Gloria Swanson
1922 Beyond the Rocks Elinor Glyn 1906
Blood and Sand Rudolph Valentino 1922 Blood and Sand (Sangre y Arena) Vincente Blasco Ibanez 1908
Bardelys the Magnificent John Gilbert,  
King Vidor (dir.)
1926 Bardelys the Magnificent Rafael Sabatini 1906
Camille Rudolph Valentino,  
Alla Nazimova
1921 Camille (La Dame aux Camelias) Alexandre Dumas, fils 1852
The Conquering Power Rudolph Valentino 1921 Eugenie Grandet Honore de Balzac 1833
The Eagle Rudolph Valentino 1925 Dubrovsky Alexandr Pushkin 1833
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Rudolph Valentino 1921 The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Los Quatro Jinetes del Apocalipsis) Vincente Blasco Ibanez 1916
Greed Erich von Stroheim (dir.) 1924 McTeague: A Story of San Francisco Frank Norris 1899
It Clara Bow 1927 It Elinor Glyn 1927
Monsieur Beaucaire Rudolph Valentino 1924 Monsieur Beaucaire Booth Tarkington 1900
Moran of the Lady Letty Rudolph Valentino 1922 Moran of the Lady Letty Frank Norris 1898
A Sainted Devil Rudolph Valentino 1924 Rope's End Rex Beach 1913
Scaramouche Ramon Novarro 1922 Scaramouche Rafael Sabatini 1921
The Sea Hawk Milton Sills, Frank Lloyd (dir.) 1924 The Sea-Hawk Rafael Sabatini 1915
The Sheik Rudolph Valentino 1921 The Sheik Edith Maude Hull 1921
The Son of the Sheik Rudolph Valentino 1926 The Sons of the Sheik Edith Maude Hull 1925
Uncharted Seas Rudolph Valentino 1921 The Uncharted Seas John Henry Wilson 1920
The Young Rajah Rudolph Valentino 1922 Amos Judd John Ames Mitchell c. 1895